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Many Hats of Motherhood

Many Hats of Motherhood

There’s no end to the many hats of motherhood. Mothers must be part chameleons or magicians. How else could we change our demeanor or adapt…

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Oreos and Love

Oreo cookies in our house are more than a cookie. Those little round cream-filled treats are a small and special sign of my affection for…

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Railroad tracks into the unknown

Into the Unknown

On a hike last summer, I came across abandoned railroad tracks previously used by miners. Their abrupt end got me thinking. There are times when…

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two hearts that say I Love You, one in text and one in sign language

Love Languages

Love is an insatiable human need. When we give a gift we strive to make it the “perfect” gift, so why not strive for the…

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Nothing More Than Doodles

Pinned to my office bulletin board are several of my daughter’s drawings. To Emily they’re nothing more than doodles whipped out during math or English…

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Downhill skier in powder

Gone Skiing

This week I’m taking a break from blogging to break in my ski legs. For those of you looking forward to my mental meanderings, I…

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Fort Collins High School Lambkin Mascott

Knows How to Own It

My seventeen-year-old daughter knows how to own it. She used to be the mascot for her middle school, but set it aside during high school,…

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glass of fresh squeezed orange juice

Fresh Squeezed

There’s no doubt that fresh squeezed orange juice is better than any store bought kind. Sure there’s something to be said about the convenience of…

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Field of beautiful wild flowers

Beautiful At Every Stage

Flowers fascinate me. They are beautiful at every stage of their life. What seems fragile is remarkably strong. It’s amazing how blossoms know when to…

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a pair of mating grasshoppers

A Grumpy Grasshopper

The other day my four-year-old neighbor approached me with an outstretched hand. On her palm lay a large, listless grasshopper. Lucy said, “Look what I…

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Shiny American Penny

A Penny of Many

On our first anniversary I started a tradition of giving my husband a penny. It has become a penny of many. The idea was that…

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box of confectionary chocolates

Box of Chocolates

I don’t pay much attention to “pop-up holidays” as I call them, but I think this Thursday is one worth noting. Thursday is National Chocolate…

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a weed pulled from root to tip

Root to Tip

Ridding a garden of weeds is a never ending task. Removing them before they get too big or out of control is important. Mowing over…

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One Last Gift

Though the presents are all unwrapped there is one more. Since it can’t be put under the tree, placed in your hands, or delivered to…

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