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When her five-year-old daughter came home
from school with bodily bruises, it was
assumed to be innocent schoolyard play.

But when she woke in the middle of the night to an unstoppable bloody nose, it became the beginning of a heart-wrenching journey through doctor’s visits and a family’s struggle to make life-and-death decisions in the midst of agonizing uncertainty.

Pink Elephants is the story of a family pushed to the brink, as they face their daughter’s rare life-threatening illness. The Texeira family discovered the most essential ingredients in surviving great adversity: their unwavering faith, gratitude for each day, and the power in each family member’s inner strength.

Told from the mother’s perspective, Pink Elephants takes us into the private moments of tenderness, the fragility of childhood innocence, and the reminder that control over a situation is an illusion.

As the Texeira family shows us, life isn’t planned—it is lived.

pink elephants book, christy texeira
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